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AVALUN: monitor 10'000 patients in France

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Building on LabPad’s significant potential to improve patient safety and comfort while enabling the healthcare system to become more efficient, the Di@pason project aims to deliver transformative changes in the care of patients with chronic disease

s. During an initial 18-month period, LabPad®INR will be connected to the laboratories collaborating on the project thanks to the Anywhere Lab e-health platform.

Among many other benefits, Di@pason will improve the safety of patients at risk of bleeding as LabPad®INR allows nurses to measure PT/INR simply by pricking the fingertip. This faster and more efficient digital management system is much less invasive than the current venous sampling, which improves the comfort of both patients and caregivers while saving them valuable time.

The Di@pason connected pathway was conceived based on the following pillars:

  1. DataAcquisition. The nurse equipped with a LabPad® INR is at the heart of the process. INR testing can be performed at any appropriate primary or home care location (patients’ homes, laboratory, nurse’s office, nursing homes, etc.). The test is quick and simple and requires only a small drop of capillary blood.

  2. Continuous connection. Patients’ results are sent from the LabPad® INR to the laboratory through a dedicated e-Health platform developed by SIL-Lab Innovations. The whole process is remotely monitored and validated by laboratory professionals.

  3. DecisionMaking. The nurse, in remote coordination with the laboratory diagnostician and the physician, can initiate emergency management in the event of an established risk of serious bleeding or, in conjunction with the attending physician, introduce a per protocol adjustment of treatment dosage if necessary.

  4. Reimbursement. The project is associated with the social security system change allowing for all actions by diagnostic laboratories and nurses to be performed in a cost-efficient way and for the appropriate reimbursements to be carried out effectively.

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