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Fastox awarded Innovation of the Year at the 2023 IMCAS World Congress.

Fastox has presented its groundbreaking LAST technology during the Innovation Tank among 14 other start-up companies and was elected winner by a high-profile jury of medical experts and aesthetic industry leaders.

Fastox also participated to the “Present and future of toxins: what’s new?” session where it presented how its lead candidate, FTP-501, boosts the performance of botulinum toxin type A, leading to a faster onset and longer duration.

Replays of both presentations will be available on the IMCAS Academy website (IMCAS Academy - Aesthetic Surgery & Cosmetic Dermatology).

Fastox has discovered that combining botulinum toxin type A with fast-acting myorelaxant drugs could accelerate its onset of action, and, most importantly and surprisingly, could also significantly increase its duration of action.

Natalene Hoepffner, VP Marketing & Business Development at Fastox, comments: “Increasing BoNT/A duration of action, and boosting its performance, is a long-awaited innovation in the $6.5bn BoNT/A aesthetic and therapeutic markets. Our LAST technology opens new possibilities for both injectors and patients to get the optimal treatment they need”.

Fastox FTP-501 lead candidate should enter in clinical trials later this year.


About Fastox Pharma SA

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Fastox proprietary LAST® (Long-Acting Strengthened Toxin) technology allows to boost the performance of botulinum toxins A by combining them with safe myorelaxant drugs. The LAST™ technology has been validated in pre-clinical models and has shown to significantly increase the BoNT duration of action. Fastox will initiate its first-in-human clinical trial later year with its lead candidate FTP-501.


Natalene Hoepffner, VP Marketing and Business Development

Fastox Pharma

+33 7 66 89 03 73

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