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Infinite Vision Optics SAS Starts Crowdfunding Campaign to Finance Market Launch

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Strasbourg, France, 12 July 2018

Today, InfiniteVision Optics (IVO) announced that it started a crowdfunding campaign via the Wiseed platform (

IVO wishes to raise between 800,000 and one million three hundred thousand Euros among the subscribers of the Wiseed site and the people who are already investors of InfiniteVision Optics. "With the WiSEED crowd-funding platform we found a professional tool to enable individuals to invest in IVO's capital and benefit from its success story," said Carsten Laue, President of InfiniteVision Optics. "Having obtained CE marking in 2017, the funds will mainly be used to finance the commercial launch of the Precisight® implant in Europe. We will start in France and Germany. At the same time, we intend to complement our product offering with more sophisticated optics to meet specific patient needs.” The crowdfunding campaign will end after two months.


About Infinite Vision Optics SAS Founded in 2010, InfiniteVision Optics developed the PreciSight® intraocular lens system that allows the adjustment of the front intraocular lens throughout the patient’s life when needed. Through a minimally invasive secondary procedure the risk associated with full lens explantation is considerably reduced. This proprietary docking station system provides surgeons with a solution to achieve the best possible refractive outcome. They can provide the patient with solutions to refractive and medical changes throughout their lifetime. These changes cannot be predicted at the time of the initial medical procedure. InfiniteVision Optics is based in Strasbourg, France. The Precisight® intraocular lens system has received CE-mark in 2017 and is commercially available in Europe.

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