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Immunotherapy Ventures


Immunotherapy has an immense and growing impact on medicine and society : vaccines against pandemics, monoclonal antibodies – the most successful class of drugs, breakthrough cures of cancer and autoimmune diseases, and new hopes to fight degenerative diseases.

As immunologists and serial entrepreneurs, we contributed, at our small individual scale, to this biopharmaceutical revolution driven by immunology. 

We now join forces at Remora Biotech to leverage our entrepreneurial experience and, thanks to our supporting investors, to scale-up our ability to nurture and develop innovative life-changing immunotherapies. 

With our growing team and network of academic partners, business-oriented scientists, patent experts, drug developers and finance professionals, we create, finance, and manage a portfolio of daughter companies from discovery to clinical proof-of-concept. We aim at maximizing their odds of success and their strategic value for pharma partners while keeping capital efficient. 


We offer frequent investment opportunities in our holding company Remora Biotech and in our participations to investors keen to gain exposure to this high-growth and high-impact sector, under the leadership of seasoned entrepreneurs. 

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