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Infinite Vision Optics Voted 2nd Best in Show Company @ the 24th MedTech Investing Conference

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Lausanne, Switzerland, 06 April 2017

Infinite Vision Optics (IVO) was voted 2nd best out of 33 companies competing at the 24th Medtech Investing Conference (MTI, in Lausanne, Switzerland. Participants at the conference were invited to vote for the most promising among the presenting companies. “I’m very honored by this recognition of the positioning of our company and the milestones achieved by our team” said Dr. Carsten Laue, who presented on behalf of IVO at the event.

MTI is Europe’s longest running and most established investment and partnering event, having showcased over 800 early- to mid-stage companies to thousands of investors over the last 12 years it is at the forefront of investment in the life science sector.

Picture: IVO’s President Dr. Carsten Laue after the ceremony.


About Infinite Vision Optics SAS Founded 2010, Infinite Vision Optics (IVO) has developed the Precisight® intraocular lens system that allows the adjustment of the IVO intraocular lens throughout the patient’s life when needed. Through a minimally invasive secondary procedure the risk associated with full lens explantation is considerably reduced. The product is currently in the CE-mark approval process. The company is based in Strasbourg, France.

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